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Jul 21 2015

Now its time to step up our culinary game from quick bites to casual eats!  Today's list of restaurant features casual restaurants.  All these places are sit down establishments that offer a wide variety of food for the family. 


Lets start with The Green House!  This place is open year round serving breakfast, lunch, and dinner.  You can always count on the Green House to be open and running!  Their menu includes everything and the best way to describe it is a upscale diner!  They have burgers, sandwiches, pasta dishes, thin crust pizza, fish, steak, and more.  You name it and the Green House most likely has it!  Located right when you get on the island in Ship Bottom, this is the perfect place for a meal on your way to start a great a vacation or end one!  Located on the corner of W 6th St and Long Beach Blvd in Ship Bottom. 


Scojo's is next!  Similar to the green house, this is another restaurant that got everything imaginable on the giant menus!  It might take you a while to decide since there are so many options, but no matter what you choose you can't go wrong.  Located in Surf City on the corner of N 3rd St and Long Beach Blvd.


Wally's is the place when if you are looking for breakfast before the beach!  This small spot in Surf City has been at it for a long time.  Under new ownership this year, the restaurant still provides the perfect breakfast for everyone.  Located in Surf City at 712 Long Beach Blvd between N 7th and N 8th St.


Dockside Diner is one of the few acclaimed diners on the island. Dockside lives up to the expectations that is the "jersey diner" along with the added bonus of being right on the dock.  This place specializes in comfort food and breakfast for dinner!  Located in Spray Beach on24th St and Long Beach Blvd.